Testimonials and Birth Stories

Natural Birth

birth story baby

by Sarah

Just a quick email to let you know that our beautiful son Seb put in a welcome appearance two days early on December 1st weighing 7.6.

I went into labour at 3.15am following a membrane sweep the day before and delivered naturally in an all fours position at 11.35am after only 10 minutes of controlled pushing.

Pain free birth

Pain free birth

by Anna

I wanted to let you know that our little boy, Theodore, was born just before 1am on Wednesday 9th November. He weighed 8lbs 2oz. Labour only lasted 15 hours from beginning to end! We went into hospital at 8:45ish (pm) and by 1am he was born. We had a water birth which I combined with the Hypnobirthing. No other pain relief. The Hypnobirthing breathing really really helped, together with the visualisation of the balloon during the first stage. The whole thing was an amazing experience - I loved being in the pool. It was uncomfortable and intense but never unbearably painful.

Hypnobirth experience

New baby girl

by Laura and Charlie

'I wanted to let you know that I had a little girl on Friday. She was a whole 2 weeks late, weighing 9lbs 8oz. I had to be induced, but everything went really well with no complications, assisted deliveries or c-sections! Hooray!!!

I really feel a huge sense of achievement; the experience was amazing and I felt that the hypno-birthing skills that I had learnt with you held me in good stead to cope with the weeks leading up to the birth, and with everything that followed.'

Calm Birth

Calm birth baby

by Anoushka

I had a very quick labour (5 hours compared to 36+ with Evie) and delivered him peacefully in the midwife led unit at Chelsea...everything went really smoothly and very quickly and I only just about got in the pool before he made his appearance! I used everything you taught us and the labour was just I had wanted it to be, calm, quick and without any medical intervention. Dan was also amazing and I know the course gave him the confidence to know what to do and it made the whole experience so much more enjoyable (not sure if that is the right word!).

Birth Instinct hypnobirthing course recommendation

by Lyndsey

I am so happy to let you know that our son, Theo James, was born at home at 10:10am today, one day after his due date, weighing in at a massive 9lbs 14oz! I couldn't wait a moment longer to email - I had the most perfect birth experience and I cannot thank you enough. I want to shout it from the rooftops! I was still a little sceptical of hypnobirthing - despite putting in a lot of practice this last few weeks. My skepticism disappeared last night - hypnobirthing is AMAZING and I can't believe everyone doesn't birth like this!

Hypnobirthing - a calming experience

Hypnobirthing baby

by Alison

I had been worried about giving birth since I was shown a terrifying video of a woman in labour in my science class at school at the age of about 13. After watching the video, my best friend and I vowed never to have children as we were so afraid of giving birth. As I grew older and met my husband I realised it was something I would probably need to endure as we really wanted a family together, but the idea still terrified me.

A friend of mine who had recently given birth highly recommended hypnobirthing as it had really helped her with her birth. I went into Kirsty's class feeling terrified of the pain of labour and came out of the first class with very little fear of pain or any other aspect of labour. By the end of the 2 day course, I was feeling extremely calm about my labour and actually quite excited about it because of all the information and tools we had been given to help us when the time came.

Nighat's birth story

I had a gorgeous baby girl on Monday 24 August 10.57am...11 days late. Surges started 5am 23rd Sunday morning, was managing them well, I called up the hospital as I was getting more than just a 'show' so at 9pm on 23rd still managing surges we went in thinking they would send us back home. Due to the fact I was so overdue and there was a bit of fetal distress we decided to go ahead with a pessary induction. Wasn't my ideal situation as I did want to be at home for as long as possible. So induction ward was probably the worst part of the labour as women were howling and screaming, thing of nightmares scenario, but I just stayed focussed on my breathing and used the hypnobirthing techniques and just stayed focussed from 9 pm the surges were immense.

Birth experience

by Melissa

I just wanted to thank you for all your help and advice with Hypnobirthing. I'm not sure I put in enough practice to be classified as a true Hypnobirthing Mum but I certainly had a fabulous natural birth (apart from a bit of gas and air- more for the stitches than the labour though) and I don't think I would have been able to do it without doing your course. I couldn't have a home birth because they won't give intravenous antibiotics at home and I didn't want to attempt to go back and forth to hospital.

Birth Instinct hypnobirth course recommendation

hypnobirthing baby

by Jules

Personally I had bought in to hypnobirthing early on, but my husband looked sheet white when I broached the idea of a weekend course. He kept asking why he had to go - surely it's more relevant for the person actually giving birth right?

Luckily for both of us, we chose Kirsty's course and she instantly converted the somber looking men in the room. I think it was her down to earth approach with logical explanations that helped the men on their way. By the end of the first day my husband was googling home birthing pools and chanting the benefits to anyone who would listen, even though our 'home' was a building site and not necessarily conducive to a relaxing experience of any kind.

Calm birth experience

calm birth experience

by Louise and Adam

I want to say thank you for all the hypnobirthing advice and techniques I'm not sure how I would have managed my labour without them.
Aoife my little girl was born on the 13th of June ten days after her due date and the last NCT baby to be born, she was 8lbs14oz and I had her in the Carmen suite in St Georges completely naturally with just a little gas and air. My labour lasted in total about 15hours from start to finish.