Nighat's birth story

by Nighat

I had a gorgeous baby girl on Monday 24 August 10.57am...11 days late. Surges started 5am 23rd Sunday morning, was managing them well, I called up the hospital as I was getting more than just a 'show' so at 9pm on 23rd still managing surges we went in thinking they would send us back home. Due to the fact I was so overdue and there was a bit of fetal distress we decided to go ahead with a pessary induction. Wasn't my ideal situation as I did want to be at home for as long as possible. So induction ward was probably the worst part of the labour as women were howling and screaming, thing of nightmares scenario, but I just stayed focussed on my breathing and used the hypnobirthing techniques and just stayed focussed from 9 pm the surges were immense. I had to force the midwife to check me while in induction ward as I had urges to I was calm and focussed she was shocked I was 8cm dilated as I should have been in the delivery suite at 5cm and should have had my bloods checked long before due to my low blood platelets. I went to delivery suite at 8am Monday 24th August and as exhausted as I was delivered baby 10.57 am unaided as I needed to get her out quickly as the cord had slipped around her neck.

After delivery I had the news that after having just gas and air and natural delivery, I may need a spinal as possibly had a third degree tear, again surprisingly calm. I took the news well. But thankfully it was only second degree. Thankyou for the hypnobirthing classes, light touch massage and mantra breathing and my tens machine were the 3 things that got me through the labour.