Birth Instinct - Hypnobirthing and Baby Massage

Pregnancy is a very special time in a mother and fathers life. You will be looking forward to welcoming a new life into your world. Your very special bundle of joy will transform your life and enrich your family. It’s a time of great excitement and anticipation. For some it can also be a time of worry and stress as you start to hear horror stories of family or friend’s bad birth experiences. Hypnobirthing is a natural, logical and established birthing method where the mother can use knowledge and relaxation techniques to trust her body to engage its innate instinct to do one of the things nature intended it for, give birth. Hypnobirthing has taken birth back to its roots and in doing so has revolutionised giving birth for many mothers who have given birth using the techniques gained from attending classes. Many hypnobirthing mothers will describe their birthing experience as being comfortable, empowering and positive. They would also happily and readily repeat the experience. Birth Instinct run Hypnobirthing courses and Baby Massage courses in South West London, which is convenient for Wimbledon, Southfields, Earlsfield, Clapham, Wandsworth, Putney, Fulham, Chelsea, Raynes Park, Kingston, Battersea, Tooting and Balham. We also teach private Hypnobirthing sessions all over the UK.

The Birth Instinct Hypnobirthing course covers:

  • Birth in the natural world, human labour, birth practices and help on how to find out more so you can make the right choice for you during your labour and birth
  • Relaxation and massage techniques, including fear release and confidence building
  • Breathing and visualisation techniques to be used during labour
  • The power of the mind, positive affirmations and thinking
  • Physical exercises needed to get the body in shape for birth
  • Positions for helping your baby into the best position for birth and to help during labour
  • The active role of the father or birth companion during labour and birth
  • Knowledge and confidence to empower you to discuss any medical decisions needed with midwives and doctors
  • Real life birth stories and experiences
  • The practice you need to do. It’s only a little every day (max 20 mins), most of which is spent relaxing!
  • A relaxation CD, Hypnobirthing book, workbook and pen
  • Free phone or email support after course completion
  • Tea, coffee and chocolate biscuits!

The Birth Instinct Baby Massage course provides:

  • Help to enhance a parent's bonding and communication with their baby
  • Help to relax parent and baby
  • Opportunity to meet other parents with young babies
  • Potential for continuing friendship with others in your group

To book a course please select the course you would like to attend and use the 'book now' button on the courses page. If you would like to discuss the course or hypnobirthing then please contact us. Email