Hypnobirthing is a method which allows your body and mind to work together effectively. It can help to eliminate the fear – tension – pain cycle. It allows you to stay in control of your labour and birth and gives your birth partner an active role to play during this time. It gives you knowledge and tools to achieve a better labour and birth.

Benefits of Hypnobirthing

  • Hypnobirthing has been proven to reduce the length of labour, make labour more comfortable and in some cases eliminate any feelings of pain.
  • After the course you will enjoy the rest of your pregnancy, worries and fears over birth will be reduced and you can continue with your pregnancy looking forward to your labour and birth, not fearing it.
  • A calm birth promotes a calm mother and baby - this gives the mother confidence to listen to her maternal instinct and care for her newborn baby in a relaxed and confident way after birth. It can take time to establish easy breastfeeding, this can be easier with hypnobirthing techniques as the mother has a confidence that others sometimes lack. A difficult birth can lead to lack of confidence in parenting a newborn. A long or traumatic birth leaves the mother, father or birth partner and baby exhausted. This can then lead to confidence issues in caring for your newborn baby and the natural instincts which we all have start to come into doubt. Hypnobirthing classes can help keep the mother relaxed and so a long birth won’t be as completely exhausting.
  • Partners can sometimes feel lost, isolated and unable to help. Seeing a much loved partner in distress is not pleasant. Hypnobirthing can help prevent this as it gives the father or birth partner a very important role. They have an active part to play in the birth and are completely aware of what they need to do and why it’s so important.
  • The first few weeks after birth are a wonderful time. Getting to know your new baby is a joy, and for your new baby getting to know you is a very important time. Those first few weeks are also a tiring and testing time. Hypnobirthing will help give you confidence to trust your instincts and care for your baby.
  • Relaxation techniques learnt can be applied to other parts of your life to help reduce stress and manage difficult situations.
Comparison - General Population Births / Hypnobirthing Mother Births
General Population Births
Caesarian Section
Class Emergency Elective Instrumental Normal Total
Percent 15% 10% 11% 64% 100%
Hypnobirthing Mother Births
Caesarian Section
Class Emergency Elective Instrumental Normal Total
Percent 4% 4% 8% 84% 100%

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