Birth experience

by Melissa

I just wanted to thank you for all your help and advice with Hypnobirthing. I'm not sure I put in enough practice to be classified as a true Hypnobirthing Mum but I certainly had a fabulous natural birth (apart from a bit of gas and air- more for the stitches than the labour though) and I don't think I would have been able to do it without doing your course. I couldn't have a home birth because they won't give intravenous antibiotics at home and I didn't want to attempt to go back and forth to hospital.

Nikita took her time coming- I was scheduled to be induced last Saturday at 41 + 5 but I didn't feel happy about it so went into hospital and told them I wanted to postpone until the following afternoon. I had a sweep and lo and behold Nikita came by herself the following day weighing 8lb 4oz. She beat the induction appointment by 4 hours. It was so amazing to be in the birthing centre compared to the labour ward. They really are like two different worlds. I got my natural 3rd stage too and I can't tell you how different it felt to be drug free! Joe said to me "I can't believe how normal you are!".

So thank you again and I will certainly recommend you to all the other Mums to be at nursery etc.