Natural Birth

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by Sarah

Just a quick email to let you know that our beautiful son Seb put in a welcome appearance two days early on December 1st weighing 7.6.

I went into labour at 3.15am following a membrane sweep the day before and delivered naturally in an all fours position at 11.35am after only 10 minutes of controlled pushing. Unlike with Freddie where I suffered a 3rd degree tear I was delighted that I didn't need any stitches- it has made such a difference to my recovery. Freddie came out with an uncontrollable whoosh but this time around I was able to listen to the midwife 's instructions about when to push and when to breathe. I had a birth plan in place with the aim of reducing the likelihood of tearing again but if I'm honest I had assumed I would.

We had river dawn playing throughout, Tim massaged my shoulders during contractions, I was able to stay really mobile and the birth centre provided a very relaxed and quiet environment where my wishes were entirely respected. I used my own form of breathing to cope with the contractions and strangely was able to almost observe them as if they were happening to someone else when I needed to. I was also really fortunate to have a doula present (on the nhs) for most of my stay in hospital and her calm presence really helped to set the tone. In terms of pain relief I relied on my tens machine and gas and air.

Undoubtedly some of the techniques you taught us on the course were invaluable and I am truly grateful for your part in what was a very straightforward birth - thank you. I hope the rest of the group have had equally good news to share.

With my best wishes for the future and thanks again.