Birth Instinct hypnobirthing course recommendation

hypnobirthiing baby boy

by Lorna

My partner and I are pretty anxious people and during pregnancy we were constantly worrying about the health of our baby . He didn't move a great deal so I was running to the hospital every couple of weeks to check he was ok. I found the idea of giving birth incredibly daunting and my anxiety was starting to take over my whole pregnancy experience. I was even having panic attacks.

My friend had recently given birth and she told me about hypnobirthing. She had a great birth experience and so I decided to give it a go.

We were in a group with two other lovely couples. This was just the right size group to make the experience fun but also supportive. Kirsty talked us through the mechanics of birth, explaining how important a mother's psychological state is to the whole process. She sensitively addressed all our questions and concerns and guided us through the use of affirmations, meditation, breathing techniques and massage. She encouraged us to be as comfortable as possible, providing lots of cushions and chocolate biscuits!

I found the guided visualisation exercises incredibly calming. Most of us were asleep before they were finished! I practiced these at home listening to the CDs and they really reduced my anxiety. As my due date approached, I felt more in control because I now had these incredible tools to help me.

When the time came and labour began, I was very calm and had the confidence to go along with what my body needed to do. I found the breathing techniques we had learned very helpful and was able to use these to manage my discomfort for the majority of the labour. They were like anchor points that gave me a sense of control amidst the overwhelming intensity of child birth.

My son's birth didn't quite go to plan and I ended up having an emergency Caesarian section. Having never had surgery before, this could have been a daunting prospect! However, I felt very calm about the whole process and happy with the decisions that were made by us as a couple and the medical team. I feel that the hypnobirthing techniques we learned from Kirsty played a big part in enabling us to keep calm in what could have been quite a frightening experience.

Our baby is now nearly 6 months old and I still use the techniques I learned in hypnobirthing to manage my anxiety about all areas of my life. Using affirmations has even helped me shift some baby weight! I count our fellow course mates as friends and they have been a great source of support as we find our feet together as new parents.

I can't recommend Kirsty and her course highly enough. If we are ever lucky enough to have another child, I will definitely be practising hypnobirthing to get me through all the hurdles of pregnancy and birth!