Hypnobirthing birth experience after induction

Hypnobirth baby girl

by Selena

After being monitored regularly for high blood pressure the Dr's decided induction at 39 + 2 was the only option as it wasn't improving. So we were booked in for induction at 3.30pm on Thursday. As we have just moved we spent most of the day unpacking boxes and trying to get the flat ready for baby to arrive in what we assumed would be a few days - I had heard induction can take days to start up. As I really didn't want an induction but understood that given my high BP it was necessary we did of course try all the old wives tales to get things started asap and I had been doing acupuncture regularly throughout the final weeks so this may also have helped.

Anyway I had pretty regular braxton hicks all day leading up to going to hospital and when they monitored me they were even more regular so the midwife has since suggested that perhaps I was in the early stages of labour before they did the gel at 7.30pm that evening. We went for a walk around the hospital, up and down the stairs and then ventured over the road for a Thai (nice and spicy but I would soon live to regret that!). By 9.30pm I am pretty sure I was having full on surges and they continued to get more and more intense until midnight when they were minute on minute off and quite strong. The midwife examined me at 2am and I was 1cm dilated and so I decided to have a bath. Unfortunately as we were in the main ward for general monitoring and induction there was't much privacy and the hypnobirthing/breathing techniques helped to keep my surges as 'low key' as possible so as not to disturb the other women on the ward - who were all sleeping! The worst part was the fact that I was very very sick and trying to keep quiet at the same time.

After the bath my waters broke pretty quickly and I started to want to push. The midwife was reluctant to examine me as she assumed I was only another cm or 2 dilated but I insisted and low and behold I was 9cm and nearly fully dilated. THANK GOD FOR THAT!!! So they rushed me into the labour ward and I began pushing with guidance from another midwife and a lot of gas and air (probably worth mentioning I was only allowed 2 paracetamol before now). I used my breathing and repeated 'breath the baby out' with every surge. I can remember everyone telling me how well i was doing with each surge but it felt like I was bearing down for a life time. After 8 minutes, Leni made her grand entrance at just after 5am. Funnily enough I was on my back in the bed but this was the only way I could get comfortable as my legs were exhausted from bouncing on my ball all night. We had a lovely skin to skin moment for about an hour whilst I was stitched and they let the cord finish pulsating before cutting it which I had asked for.

All in all from what i have heard my experience was pretty amazing. I am so so happy that I did it all naturally and although it wasn't what we had planned Leni was born into a calm and relaxed atmosphere and her gentle nature is definitely a result of that.