Hypnobirthing birth experience

new baby

by Joanne

I woke at 3am feeling a bit damp and uncomfortable, nothing unusual I had been feeling like this at night for a few weeks now. A few light tightening’s, nothing that made my heart skip to be honest as I the false alarm the week before had made me relaxed about getting hicks, so I laid back down to rest and put on “Graves” as the colour and calmness track had become nick named..

4am and the tightening’s are feeling more like small cramps..hmm perhaps this is it I ponder..it’s my kind of time in the night, I’ve had a good 5 hours sleep, I feel awake and my body is telling me to eat…maybe this is it? I laid back down and told myself it probably wasn’t so no point going in to overdrive just yet..

5am Maisie stirs next door, yes the tightening’s are still going, if this is a false alarm, I think to myself, it should start to slow or stop..lets put Graves back on and see..at 6 if I’m still awake I’ll get some brekkie..

6am Maisie stirs a little louder and Steve wakes..I feel I need to tell him there is a good chance this time it’s real! I get myself in to some comfy clothes and head downstairs for tea and cereal. I notice that getting these ready is actually taking me a long time and I feel distracted by the cramp but I manage to prepare and sit and eat the cereal.

6:30 Steve is downstairs and it’s clear to me that I am labour as I start to look to places in the living room to get “more relaxed” – I start commanding Steve around, there suddenly seems like a lot to do, get the ball pumped up, get the bags of stuff from upstairs, get the tens on, think about getting Maisie out of the house..and for the next hour and half Steve runs round working on all this whilst trying to get me more relaxed. I start to feel a bit anxious and he puts on Graves downstairs for me.

By the time John my brother in law arrives to take Maisie at 8, the surges are strong, the tens is on it’s first setting and I have found a place in our living room in a position I like and am concentrating on Graves fully..a switch flicks and I feel every surge rapidly loosening me and progression is fast.

Maisie leaves and Steve suggests I visit the toilet, I try but my body tells me to go back to the living room – I go back to my place in the living room, Steve is timing my surges and decides to call the Midwife.

I start to feel a little adrenaline and panic, as I knew things were not far away now, I almost feel teary as a muscle in my shoulder strains and I’m guessing it’s about 9 am now and I’m about to transition.

One more up breath and I feel a another switch, I start to make noise as I push, I pushed a few times, rested for a breath and pushed again, I feel a trickle of warm water down my leg. I felt him, his head and heart inside me, it’s very low down - I announce to Steve “he is coming”, it’s at this moment I know that the midwife will not be here and it is down to us!! I don’t know if Steve does.

I get him to get a mat, when he has done that I get him to take my trousers off, he tries with my socks still there, I point that out..I then ask pants..I know his head is emerging, Steve sees that too and says oh my god! I breathe quickly and ease his head out. Steve says oh my god again! Steve tells me to push/breath again and in a few breaths I feel the slithery exit and realise that Steve is holding him! He cries I think we are both very relieved!

We are now not 100% sure what to do, Steve grabs a towel and wraps him I hold him next to my skin to try and keep him warm, we know it’s about 20 past 9.

Knock knock Maria my mid wife is here, she gets to work straight away, calming Steve, drying George properly, getting me sat on the sofa, placenta comes away, then Steve cuts the cord. Maria helps to tidy up me and the house and fills out what she can on the forms..

By 12 Maria is gone and we are all sat back on the sofa revelling in the overwhelming satisfaction of the speedy, drug free, tear free, mess free birth experience as we both delivered George personally and independently in to our living room, home and lives.