Birth Instinct course recommendation

Hypnobirth baby girl

by Galina

First I would like to say THANK YOU to Kirsty. The hypnobirthing course really helped me to believe and understand what my body can do. My baby girl was born at 38 weeks on 27 March at 2am weighing 2.8kg in St.Georges hospital. On 26 March around 17.30 I was getting ready to go out for dinner with my husband when I realised I was bleeding. I went to the hospital and the midwife examined me and said: "You may have your baby soon" and then she said: "it's very early on and as it's your first baby you can go home." On our way back we decided to get something to eat. We got back home around 22.00 timed my surges then I decided to call to the delivery suite and the midwife said: "No it's too early we will just send you home. Try to take a bath." I needed my husband to help me get into the bath but then I only stayed just 1 minute and I told him I don't care what the midwife said I think we have to go to the hospital.

When we walk through the main entrance my waters broke. By the time we got up to the delivery suite it was around 23.30 and after 2.5 hours I was holding my baby! In that moment I was very proud of myself as everything went well with no drugs needed. My midwife was great with me and I am very happy that I decided to have my baby in St. George's Hospital.

Now I am feeling very lucky that I found Kirsty's course. Everything was exactly what I expected it to be because Kirsty is a very good teacher!