Hypnobirthing - a calming experience

Hypnobirthing baby

by Alison

I had been worried about giving birth since I was shown a terrifying video of a woman in labour in my science class at school at the age of about 13. After watching the video, my best friend and I vowed never to have children as we were so afraid of giving birth. As I grew older and met my husband I realised it was something I would probably need to endure as we really wanted a family together, but the idea still terrified me.

A friend of mine who had recently given birth highly recommended hypnobirthing as it had really helped her with her birth. I went into Kirsty's class feeling terrified of the pain of labour and came out of the first class with very little fear of pain or any other aspect of labour. By the end of the 2 day course, I was feeling extremely calm about my labour and actually quite excited about it because of all the information and tools we had been given to help us when the time came.

I am generally not a good sleeper, even before I was pregnant, but I found the hypnobirhting CD's helped me relax and I listened to them every night up until the birth and also had it on in the background when I was giving birth. I even carried on using them in the first few weeks when I was trying to "sleep when the baby sleeps".

A little while after Kirsty's course and having done some extensive research, we made the decision to have a home birth and despite having 2 1/2 days of contractions, I look back at the experience so fondly. My husband was very well trained up after the course and knew exactly how to make my birthing environment perfect. A lot of men complain that they feel helpless when their partner is in labour - my husband was the complete opposite, he was extremely helpful, and busy! He lit candles, burned aromatherapy oils, prepared the birthing pool, was in charge of background music/ hypnobirthing CD's, dispensing homeopathic medicine and water/ lucozade to me, was fully versed on how to reinforce my wishes if needed (although we were lucky enough to have a good midwife who had fully read my birthing plan and so this wasn't necessary). He also gave me lovely massages that he had learned in Kirsty's course which he had practised on me most evenings in the weeks leading up to the birth, which was lovely!

I wouldn't use the word "calm" to describe myself as a person, however my colleagues and manager at work were all constantly saying how serene and calm I was throughout my pregnancy, despite my high work load, and I really believe that this was down to Kirsty's hypnobirthing course, the relaxation tools we learned during the course and as homework, and the CDs given to us prior to the course. Our midwife, who was constantly taking mine and my baby's heart beat throughout my established labour, also commented on how calm my baby and I both were during and after labour. When she was born, she didn't cry, just calmly stared around the room then up at me. It was incredible. Lots of people comment on what a chilled out baby she is, (despite her growing energy now she is 5 months old!)

I really feel that the birth experience was a team effort between my husband and I and this made the experience even more special. My husband is an amazing lovely man, but had he not attended the course with me, he wouldn't have been able to be so involved in the birth, and for this we are both so grateful to Kirsty and will definitely use hypnobirthing next time round!